Adam F. Buckley in the viral "Baking with Buckley" video skit. The video went viral, and received over 1 million viewers. The video was released in November 16, 2014. Buckely was 16 at the time of filming.

"Adam Buckley, better known by his YouTube channel A Dose of Buckley, is a Canadian comedian (Based out of London, Ontario) that uses YouTube as his platform for releasing his content. He started posting content on the video sharing service on 13 December 2009. Some of his first videos that he created were commercial parodies (With his Leather Daddy's Furniture commercial parody being his first ever video), which he still does today, though they are rare. He first gained notoriety in 2010 with the inaugural edition of his "Ten Worst Songs of 20xx" series. His most viewed video is the 2011 edition of this series, which has over 9.9 million views (as of 27 May 2015)."

-- Adam F. Buckley on his success

Adam Fredric Bucley (Born December 1, 1998), is the host of famous YouTube comedian channel, ADoseofBuckley.

Reading Rainbow

In this video series by Adam Buckley, Buckley takes a look at tweets celebrities have made, and critiques and analyzes them in a comedic, but professional manner. The series is his fourth most viewed series. It debuted in the 2010s.

The Worst Songs of [Current Year]

In this series is Buckley's most famous and popular series. Famous for its hilarious humour and review style, Adam Buckley's "Worst Songs of The Year" is to get a laugh out of anyone who watches it.


  • Buckely made his YouTube channel after the success of "The Worst Song of the Year 2011".
  • Adam F. Buckley has gone on record stating he doesn't like to make money on YouTube. It is unknown how he pays his bills, or how he is living in a house with food. Theories suggest he is living with his friends or parents.
  • Adam's channel, ADoseOfBuckley, contains swearing.