Forget what everyone has said and forget about what the fandom is like. This is a NEUTRAL review.


The gameplay is simple, yet ineffective of sorts. The use of a monitor and 2 doors is simple, close the doors, waste power, use monitor, waste power. You get used to it. However, eventually at points, it gets aggravating. As the nights drag on, the usage of power becomes fast, and you'll end up dead before at least 2 am. You can also manage to track where the animatronics move, in which memorization can help. But after a while, it might become useless, as they can change.



You have an office, which is all you get in the whole game. Nothing much, and the ambience is the same in the whole period of the game.



Absolutely thrilling story, in the later games, it all connects up. Scott Cawthon managed to think up the most complicated story in video gaming history. I won't reveal the story, but its worth it.



None, none at all.


Overall: 19/40

Reviewed by Skepolo