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Irate Gamer is a gamer.


Warning Video Contains Explicit Langauge

The Irate Gamer's channel, The Irate Gamer, contains swearing.

Christ Brores (the man behind the Irate Gamer, no homo) started video production on the Irate Gamer video review series in 2007, after he saw a video of James Rofl tearing apart a shitty game. Bores the Irate Gamer was, for once in his life, inspired by the events taking place in Rofl's video. Later that day, Mr. Bores headed down to the local store and bought a camera and a copy of popular Nintendo game and hit movie, Back to the Future. Chris instantly hated the game, so he decided to record a video about it. The video made 1 million views, so Broris decided to make more episodes.

Mike matei

The man who leaked the 'homosexual' email.

Things were looking up for Chris. His video review, Super Mario 2, got featured on the home YouTube page, and he received a bunch of subscribers. However, things went downhill from here. A young man by the name of Mike Matei leaked an email Christ had with Rofl. In the email, Chris poured out his heart and soul to James. Some thought the email was Chris trying to hint to James he wanted to be in a homosexual relationship with him. This turned out to be false, as Chris started to hate James after the email leaked, because he thought James was the one who leaked it, even though it was Mr. Mike Matei. It is unknown why Chris thinks this.

Things just went more and more downhill after this. In 2014, Chris revealed it all in a 2014 video called "Opening Up". In the video, he exposed James Rofl for leaking the email and ripping off his videos. James was pissed, and so he created a new video series titled "Bored James", which mocked the gamer. The "Bored" in "Bored James" mocks the last name of the Irate Gamer, "Chis Bores". Speaking of which, the gamer has been mocked countless times over his boring last name. It is unknown why he hasn't changed it.


In 2016 he made the fifth and final season of the Irate Gamer. He canceled the series to peruse his new passion: ghost hunting. He then wrote a revolutionary book called "Ghost Hunting 2.0", which broke new ground in the field of ghost hunting. The book was mocked for its awful writing and comparing himself to Batman (no one should compare themselves to Batman). Christ hyped the book up, and even went on tour to promote the book. However, this all failed and led to no where, as the book flopped and received poor reviews by spam bots on Amazon. Mr. Chris tried hiring people to write positive reviews, but nothing worked. Chris' ego, for once in its life, was hurt. Boris went into a deep depression after this. But then he had a plan.

Chis quietly abandoned his YouTube channel in 2016 and moved to a new channel. Chris was now a new man with a fresh slate. This new channel was dedicated to his alter ego, his kid loving ego, his money loving ego, Minecraft Puppet Steve. The Minecraft Puppet Steve loves to review toys, especially those of The Emoji Movie and Five Nights at Freddy's! People seem to enjoy Steve's child friendly humor over the gamer's harsh review videos which contain swearing.

Reviewing The Shows

Alright gamers! It's time to review the Irate Gamer's YouTube sho--


Dammit Kool Aid Man! What do you want?!

Kool Aid Man: Oh yeah!

You interupted my review. Please go!

Kool Aid Man: Okay...


Sorry about that gamers...

The Irate Gamer Show

Chris's main show, The Irate Gamer! This show is crued, vulgar, and often hilarious. Chris will make any shitty game look bad with his rage-inducing humor, over-the-top skits, and a wide range of wacky characters. The Irate Gamer Show will make anyone of any age laugh regardless of age.


The History of Video Games

Irategamer thumbnail

In this show, Irate Gamer tackles a huge under taking: The History of Video Games! Damn, talk about dedication! The gamer brings the hillarity and randomness (lol!) over from the Irate show to this show. He educates the viewers on how video games began while just 🅱eing down right hilarious and funny. Damn, you can't get better than this!

Irate The 80s'

Face it, brekfast is ruined!

Well, not anymore. Chris is here to show us what made our childhoods great in this infomriatve internet show where he rates the 80s'! There's not much to say. It's just as gut bustingly funny as all his other videos and characters. I like the one where he eats 30 year-old cerial. Now that is what I call humor!



The Irate Gamer is ready to go to war in BOX WARS! The gamer furiously unboxes cool-ass merch that comes in loot boxes. F'ing sweet!

Pursuit of the Paranormal

Ghost hunter

Ghost Hunting Expert - Chris Bores

In this series, Chris Bores is in pursuit of the paranormal. This is where his talent really shines. The Irate Gamer can communicate with spirits for up to 90 minutes! How? He places a box on the ground, and when the balls on it light up, it means the ghost is talking. Cool! Man, if only I could talk to Chris for 90 minutes! Donwload my Patreon and help me reach my $200 goal so I can talk to Chris!

In Closing

Chris Bores is a damn genuis. He knows how to blend information, humor, and ghost hunting all into one. If you don't find his videos funny, you have no soul. Sure, he roleplays as his mom to defend himself, but who doesn't? Chris is just a man looking out for himself and his ego. Watching his videos really makes you feel like Batman.


And until next time gamers--



Kool Aid Man: Oh yeah!

Grrrr! That's it!

Kool Aid Man: Oh no! Oh no!

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Rip kool aid man

And until next time gamers...

Game on!