Lucky luke swallows a pickle

the character devouring a green object


Mike, star of James & Mike Mondays, did create a character similar to the short Latino man.

Lucky Luke was a cartoon that never aired in America. It only aired in Europe. Since I live in the United States, I have never seen the show. But I'm going to try and review it to the best of my knowledge

Lucky Luke stars a cowboy named Lucky. He must defeat other cowboys, usually of color. His arch enemy is a short Latino man, which bears a strong resembles to The Loco Bandito, a popular internet comic book series by famed gamer and internet personality Mike Matei. Though, Mike had nothing to do with the creation of the character, as he was he wasn't existed yet. It can be assumed that Mike took inspiration from the character, though nothing has been confirmed.

After the series ended, Lucky Luke became mascot of the now defunct Trollpasta Wiki chatroom in 2016. It is unknown why this decision was made, but it's likely Lucky Luke is subject of a forced meme. Lucky didn't last long in the community though, as he was he was quickly replaced by then presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, who assumed office in January 2017.

Lucky is still around. He can be seen in the background of Bananapolar Wiki, the very website you're reading this on. He is depicted smoking a cigarette, which is unusual for a cartoon character. But we have to keep in mind the EU have a lower standard of morality. President of Greece, Alexis Tipper Ass, can be seen in images taken by photographers sniffing the feets of underage characters from the television special series Charlie Brown. Nudity is also allowed in cartoons in Europe, as seen in the music video for the song "Dr. Dick". This is likely the reason Lucky Luke was never brought to America, so they made Toy Story instead, a 3D cartoon movie that features a morally superior Lucky Luke.

Overall, I never got the appeal of the character. Probably because I'm American and I'm very sensitive to immoral behavior, such as smoking, firearms, racism, and nudity. Lucky Luke embodies everything I stand against as American. And for that, I'm glad children of the stars and stripes don't have to grow up with this questionable content. Cartoons such as Steven Universe teach us to love the same sex and embrace diversity -- something Lucky Luke did not. And for that, I'm grateful I don't live in Europe.