Hitler-McDonald o 2543

McDonald's sucks. More on this in the review.

Mc Donald's Review

McDonald's was made in the 60s' after the creator heard the famous nursery rhyme "Old MacDonald had a farm." However, in a dark twist, Old McDonald began killing the cows and cooking them, turning them into what Mac liked to call "Big Mac's." And so that's how McDonald's was made. But how does the food taste? Let's take a look at the menu and find out...

Bottom line; Micky's D makes boring, vapid, bland, generic, tasteless, dull, insipid, wishy-washy, blah, meh, weak, uninspiring, uninteresting, no hum, tripe, sapless food. But how is the restaurant itself like?

Alright. So it's 7 o' clock, you just got off of work, and your pay check is 3 dollars that week because capitalism. You drive up to the Mc-Donald's drive-thru, but it's backed out to the road. So you stop your mobile vehicle of choice (preferably a bike), and you walk in. There is a long line to order. After 20 minutes, you finally get a chance to order that sapless looking cheeseburger. However, they say they're all out of cheese. You have to choice but to get a hamburger -- the most boring tasting thing in the world. You go take a seat, and wait for another 20 minutes. They finally give you your hamburger. You take a bite into it, and there's a long strain of hair sticking out of your mouth. At this point, you've had it. You walk out of McDonnie's and never go back again. Until your next paycheck. -- Famous copypasta that perfectly describes what it's like to go into a Mic Don's

So with all of that said, I'm giving Mc's Donald a...