Nickelback is an underrated Canadian band that gets way too much hate. They are better than many other bands and musicians, such as Gorillaz.

Chad Kroger (not to be confused with the American food & drug store, Kroger) was born in the 70s'. He started Nickelback in 1995, and has since became the world's most famous. They've gotten a lot of hate for simply being mainstream. They've been called generic, and that's true. But it's good generic music. How You Remind Me was the biggest song of 2001. It's simple, catchy, and everyone loves it. Photograph was even better, and contained a more emotional vibe to it. Some say it's one of the worst songs ever made, but I say you're dumb. It's a good song.

Despite all the good songs they made, they've also made a lot of bad filler songs, which is the band's weakest point. Their albums are just patted with filler, and only a few songs worth listing to most of the time. Their style is also formulaic. "Someday", despite being a good song, sounds strikingly similar to "How You Remind Me". But still, this doesn't make them the worst band ever.

Since Nickelback is no longer the hot new thing, they've been experimenting more. Most of the songs in their album Dark Horse, contains songs about sex, drugs, alcohol, girls, and partying. In fact, there's literally a song named "S.E.X" in the album. They've also made a disco song titled "She Keeps Me Up" released in 2014. The lyrics contain odd verses such as "Funky little monkey she's a twisted trickster, everybody wants to be the sister's mister. Coca-Cola rollercoaster, love her even though I'm not supposed to." The songs actually about cocaine use, which is kind of clever. Still, why they made a disco song secretly about drug use is beyond me. Despite being really catchy, the song was criticized for being too different compared to the band's other songs. Even though people's main complaints with the band is that they don't experiment. Nickelback has also started doing more heavier songs, and they sound pretty good.

All in all, Nickelback is a generic and uninspired band. I can see why they get flak, but I definitely don't they're worst band ever. Me personally, I (for the most part) enjoy Nickelback. Chad has (for the most part) a pretty good voice, and the melodies are catchy and easy to listen to.


The only band/person better than Nickelback is non other than--

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