The nintendo wii

Nintendo Switch is a video game system released by Nintendo in 2017. It was first teased in October 2016, then officially revealed on January 2017. It was released two months later.

The Review

The Switch is the successor to the Wii, which later received an add-on titled the Wii U. The Wii U was a Wii Console with some exclusive games that took advantage of the unique controller tablet. The Nintendo Switch can not play Wii games. But to make up for this, you can take it anywhere. The controller comes a part in three pieces. The sides, and the screen. The gimmick is that you can with them sideways in 2-player action, just like on Super Mario Bros. Wii. The Switch can also be played on the TV. However, that requires putting the system in a special dock. To play it on the TV, you need a different controller called the "Pro Grip", which is sold separately from the system.

Super mario switch screenshot

Super Mario is heading to Switch. But why purchase it when you can play it on your iPhone for free?

The Switch is a combination of iPhone's tablet, the Nintendo Wii (released in 2006), and the DS 3 and DS 2 Extra Large. You can take this video console anywhere. Which means you can play your games on the go, much like your mobile phone. However, unlike mobile games (which are free), Nintendo's Switch's video games cost over 60 American US dollars (USD). And since Super Mario is on the App Store now, it's hard to justify purchasing Nintendo's latest system.



The Switch may be appealing at first, but it does every thing your mobile phone already does, including Super Mario.