NOTE: Rich, I know you're reading this. This is just satire, and not slander. Most of everything here is a joke and exaggerated for comedic effect. Malicious intent is not intended. Please do not sue me, I am a fan, and have been since 2013. Thanks.

Tranny rich

Rich after his transition.

Rich Matdeushcudsjicidjv (I don't know how to spell his last name) is the owner, creator, and uploader of the ReviewTechUSA YouTube channel. He is a tech and review tech channel, but he mostly reviews tech in the United States. He also reports news on the side.


Rich loser

Rich's channel is home to many controversies and drama. This section will cover those controversies. (Again, Rich, this all just a joke. Please do not take it seriously.)

Big Cheese

Rich stole $200 from a YouTuber named Big Cheese Gaming, and refused to give it back. After he got a bunch of people and memes calling him out, he had no choice but to give the money back.


This section was censored as to not offend ••••••• and Atheists.

Rich made • ••••• ••••• • •••• •••• •••• "•••• ••••". Rich took ••••••• •• ••••, ••• •••• ••• ••• •••••• ••• ••• •••••. However, •• ••• ••• •• ••• •••••• ••••••••, Rich said "•••••• •• •••••". Despite the fact he •••• •••••• •• ••• "••••• •••••" ••••••• •• • ••••• ••••.


Rich doesn't like Trump.


Rich has made many videos hating on Nintendo. He claims he's not a Nintendo hater, despite the fact he made several videos outright bashing Nintendo for their questionable practices.

Big Cheese

Rich stole-- Oops, already have a section about this.

Nintendo Switch

Rich has come under fire for praising Nintendo's latest and weakest system. Due to the Switch being terrible, and him being a Nintendo hater, it's pretty obvious he wants Nintendo to fail.


It seems drama follows Rich even outside the internet. Rich has dated many woman, and most of them have gone horribly wrong according to his "Dating Nightmare" videos. He grabbed a drunk girl's boob, and rejected a grandmother. Bad luck also follows him to the bathroom. Rich has many unfortunate and unlucky encounters in the real world (and the internet).


Rich has made many videos about fake rumors, passing them off as real even before they've been exposed as real or fake. For example, he said the Switch being "$250" was pretty much guaranteed due to a fake rumor.


Rich pronounces the Italian plumber's name very oddly. Instead of calling him "Mar-ree-o", he says "Maer-ree-o". It is unknown why he pronounces him name that why, but he's been criticized endlessly for it.


Rich made a video hating on PewDiePie for making a racist, fascist, neo-nazi video on jews. Rich came under fire for telling the truth. He was getting hammered with dislikes, and was losing subs at a rapid rate. So he decided to change his opinion to appease the haters. Everyone then loved him for it.

ADoseOfBuckley (Adam F. Buckley)


Rich has currently not given his thoughts on Adam Fredic Bucley's Canadian comedy YouTube channel, ADoseOfBuckley.

Rich has currently not given his thoughts on Adam Fredic Bucley's Canadian comedy YouTube channel, ADoseOfBuckley.


Rich used to have many jobs. However, he quit them in order to pursue his job on YouTube. However, he has been criticized for not having a real job. Many people think he chose YouTube as a job so he could sit around all day (because he is fat).


Rich is fat. And he has done nothing to fix that. He's always joking about being fat. He's also always getting made fun of due to his weight. This controversy wouldn't even exist if he'd just lose some weight.


Rich of ReviewTechUSA has been accused of clickbait for many years of his YouTube career. One thumbnail contains Donald J. Trump's face on a cucumber in hell. Does that actually happen in the video? No. A lot of Rich's thumbnails include things that may en-tise (don't know how to spell it) people to click on the video. In other words: clickbait. He has been told to stop, but he just keeps doing it. It's pretty obvious he only cares about money and does not care about making a good looking thumbnail that describes the actual video.

Sexuality and Fetishes

Gabe Newell and Men's Nipples

Rich has made disturbing, off-hand sexual comments on Valve president Gabe Newell. He has made various comments about his nipples and beard, praising them highly. Rich has stated he likes breasts the most, and he's always commenting on men's breasts, not women's. In fact, in one video thumbnail of his, he has a topless overweight man pinching his nipples. Rich's sexual fantasies go deeper.


CucumberUSA 2

ReviewTechUSA "enjoying" a cucumber.

Rich of ReviewTechUSA uploaded an uncensored video of him sexually eating a cucumber. The video is so graphic, I cannot link it. The video even has porn music playing in the background. I bet Rich's fantasy is to have a naked obese man with puffy nipples to shove a cucumber up his asshole, then take it out and eat it.

Men in General

Rich is always making sexual remarks about men. However, no one is calling it out, because double standard. One of Rich's alter-egos, Sex-E Coco, is a buff, gay black man. Rich has also made off-hand sexual remarks about Richard Simmons. It is pretty obvious men is attracted to men, but he tries to cover it up by playing it off as a joke. Rich has also exposed his nipples uncensored on YouTube, in a topless unboxing video on YouTube. Rich is playing slutty to attract men. In fact, many of his YouTube commenters talk about how much they want to lick Rich's nipples, so it's working.


Rich is a controversial YouTube user. He's always getting himself into something, and he's afraid to voice his opinion most of the time. Instead, he takes the safe route by constantly playing devil's advocate, being politically correct and always being neutral on a subject matter. Despite that, he's still finds his way into drama. Terrible.