Spongebob Squarepants

On May 1st, 1999, Steven Hillenburg created the hit television comedy cartoon series, Spongebob Squarepants. It starts a yellow sponge named SpongeBob. It follows his humorous adventures with his best friend Patrick Star.


Spongebob is a comedy series. Many episodes revolve around jokes. For example, in one episode, Spongebob and Partrick Star steal a balloon. On free balloon day. But they don't know what. And that's the joke. Season 1 is humble, Season 2 is crazy, and Season 3 is just bananas. Nickelodeon thought the show was getting a bit too crazy, so they hired new writers for Seasons 4 and above. The show took on a much different style. Instead of relying on jokes, characters, and live-action gags, the newer seasons are more focused on the plot. Steven Hillenburg wanted to cancel Spongebob after the first movie, but Nick thought this was a horrible idea. So he was promptly fired, and his team was replaced by a new one. Steven Hillenburg returned for Season 10. However, Nick has kept him out of the creative process.

Notable Episodes

Many episodes of Spongebob have become notable due to their hilarity, and witty comedy. Here are the most talked about episodes:

  • House Fancy - The doornob scene is very funny. The toenail scene is noted as the highlight of the episode, and I can see why. It's an unexpected, funny gag.
  • One Coarse Meal - Probably the most talked about episode on YouTube, One Coarse Meal deals with themes never done on SpongeBob before: suicide. Plankton tries to kill himself, but luckily, SpongeBob saves his life. A pretty series issue, and a good lesson for kids: don't kill yourself.
  • A Pet For Gary - This episode features a realistic monster, and it seems kind of jarring for Spongebob. However, that's what it makes it interesting. There's not much to say about this one, but due to how talked about it is, it's probably considered one of the best, right up there with the infamous Band Geeks.
  • Pet Sitter Pat - This is a sequel to A Pet For Gary. Patrick babysits Gary. And you know what that means -- hilarity ensues. This episode is home to some pretty hilarious gags. And this is why I enjoy the newer episodes; they take risks. Animal abuse was a topic not dealt with in the show until now. Suicide and animal abuse? Man, SpongeBob is on a role! Now all it needs to tackle now is gender issues. They also need to introduce gay and black characters into Spongebob. Having an episode where Spongebob studies the Koran would also be pretty sweet!
  • Whirly Brains - Probably the best SpongeBob episode. Ever. It features all the charm from season 1-3, and more. It has hilarious gags, funny jokes, funny characters, funny live-action gags, funny close-up gags, and well thought-out jokes. This is why Season 10 is the best. It has ALL the amazing elements from Seasons 1-3! It's really good! People also say it's amazing. Why? I don't know! They won't say why. But they don't have to. The episode is so good, it speaks for itself.

Top 10 Seasons

  1. Season 10 - Best season.
  2. Season 9 - Second best season.
  3. Season 8 - Third best season.
  4. Season 7 - Fourth best season.
  5. Season 6 - Fifth best season.
  6. Season 5 - Sixth best season.
  7. Season 4 - Seventh best season.
  8. Season 1 - Eight worst season.
  9. Season 3 - Ninth worst season.
  10. Season 2 - Worst season ever.

And that's my review of Spongebob! Overall, I say it's pretty good. However, the earlier seasons are a chore to get through. They play it safe, and one episode contains swearing. Your kids should watch the episodes I listed in the "Notable Episodes" section, as they contain healthy messages.

9/10 (seasons 4-10 only)

3/10 - (seasons 1-3)