Note: This is not a review of Bananapolar. This is a review of its dead name, Starpolar.


One day in 2014, Fatal Disease decided to create Starpolar. That's it. Nothing else. It was just there. No users, no pages, no point. In early 2015, Fatal decided to link the Starpolar Wiki to CPWC circlejerk Skype chatroom. For some reason, everyone in the group chat left, and decided to chat in Starpolar. Why? Who knows! They didn't even edit. So why they left their chat to use an inferior chatroom is beyond anyone's imagination. So that is the creation of Starpolar Wiki. How exciting!



Now here's the juicy part. The community is infamous due to how awful it was. There was the "outside the chat community", the "chat community", and the "trollpasta community". Let's start with the former. Most of the users who actually used the website other than the chatroom were the admins. The admin team comprised entirely of former Creepypasta/Spinpasta Wiki users. I will not drop any names, but the bureaucrats had shady backgrounds, or did shady things. Spoilers: it didn't go very well. Now let's move on to the chat community. The chat originally, again, comprised of former Creepypasya/Spinpasta Wiki users. The chat was practically identical to the now closed Creepypasta Wiki chat, which was closed due to constant drama in the chat. Hmm... this can only go well. The chat was an endless circlejerk, so Trollpasta Wiki's community came in to balance it out. Starpolar didn't like them very much, as they annoyed and trolled them a lot. As the months went on, the drama got worse. Why? Because a chatroom filled with edgy teens who came from a crappy community can only go so well. And it didn't go well, at all. I forget the more in-depth details, but I just remember the whole chat experience being terrible. The constant drama was annoying, and being in a chatroom full of edgy teens wasn't pleasing to say the least. It didn't help that being friends with the creator of the site made it all the more stressful. Trollpasta got a kick out of it though.



The design sucked, it was terrible, it was garbage. The background was just a black background with white dots sprinkled about. It looked terrible, and felt like I was browsing an outdated website from 1996. The colors made it worse. The homepage used blue, yellow, and red, like it was some gay pride festival or something. I later redesigned the homepage, getting rid of the terrible colors and stuff. There was also a poll, and users voted which banner they liked the most. All the banners in the poll were made by me. The light blue banner won the poll, so it was used as the official. However, someone didn't like how there was a "no banner" option on the poll. So they ran another poll, this time with a "no banner" option. And my design still one. What a waste of time. That just shows how awful Starpolar was. "Your design won, but THERE WAS NO OPTION FOR 'NO BANNER'!!! WE'RE REDOING THE POLL, EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE WHO WANT YOUR BANNER AS OPPOSED NO BANNER AT ALL!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE".



The content on the wiki is trash. It is flooded by an over saturation of music reviews and top lists. Also some flat out useless pages, such as the entire story of Bram Stoker's Dracula and Romeo and Juliet. Who would want to read those stories here? "Oh, yeah. I read Dracula on this website called 'Starpolar.'" It's just filler to help pad out the site. There is nothing worth reading other than my hilarious reviews.



Starpolar Wiki was the worst website I've ever used.