So basically, the more percentage your opponent has, the easier it is to knock them off the screen. Pretty simple. The game is very fast paced and technical. Making it a popular competitive fighting game. The game has some balancing issues however. A lot of characters are clearly better than others, and some characters are just plain bad. Outside of the main game is a ton of modes, which are all good. Except for adventure mode, because it's really tedious (stages are in the same order every time you play, it's a bit long, etc.) You can learn more about the modes in the "External Links" section.

The character roster for this game is superb. Featuring over 20 unique characters, and 6 clones. One of the main complaints about Melee's roster is the clone characters. What is a clone you may ask? A clone is basically taking an existing fighter's moveset and putting them on a new character, albeit with some new proprieties and maybe a handful of new moves. It sounds pretty lazy, and should count as a negative for this review. But I'm actually going to going to count clones as a positive. The more characters the better!

The stages are pretty good as well. There are over 29 stages, which is huge step up compared to the previous game in the series, which only had 9. They are all unique and fun to play on. There are also 3 returning stages from the previous installment.

The gameplay overall is extremely fun, addicting, and just a blast to play. The gameplay is by far my favorite in the entire series.

Oh, and there's a lot more depth to this game you think...

Combos, L-canceling, wavedashing, edge hogging, edge guarding, dash dancing, etc.



The artstyle of the game is pretty weird. Some characters look fine (like Bowser, Marth, Fox, Jigglypuff, etc.) but some characters just look bizarre. I'm looking at you Luigi and Yoshi. Other than some odd looking character models, the characters themselves look fine. The stages look pretty good too.

The menus for this game takes place in computer space. Why? I have no idea. But it looks really cool, and there's a lot of stuff going on. Bonus points for being able to rotate the menu.

Most of the trophies for this game were built from the ground up, unlike other Smash titles, which just imported models and slapped them on a trophy stand. The trophy models look pretty good, although the textures for some of them are just horrible (like Bowser's classic trophy).



The music in this game is completely orchestrated and most of the tracks are remixes from other Nintendo games. I don't have that much favorite tracks in this game. But the ones I do really like, kick major ass. There's not really a single bad track in this game.

The sound effects in this game sound great. The sound effects when attacking opponents is very satisfying, and the menu sound effects are pretty good too.

The voice acting in this game is... okay. Mario's voice clips are just reused from Super Mario 64, and Luigi's voice acting is just horrible. They just took Mario's voice clips, but raised the pitch on them. It's terrible. Other than that atrocity, the characters sound fine.


Replay Value

The replayabilty in this game is incredible. There is just way too much to do in this game. There are an ass load of modes to complete, and trophies to collect. There are also unlockable characters and stages as well. Not only do you have all that stuff to do, but there's also Melee matches, which will last you months if not years due to how fun it is, especially with friends and family.



Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of my favorite games of all time. There are way too many good things about this game, yet so little flaws. That's pretty impressive, considering this game only took 13 months to make. The fact that this game has so much content also makes that even more impressive.

Thank you Hal Laboratories and Masahiro Sakurai for making this wonderful game.



Cool Facts

  • Melee took 13 months to make.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee sold 7.09 million copies. Making it the best selling GameCube game.
  • Holding the R button on certain stages will give you alternative music.
  • One of Melee's scrapped stages takes place in a bar.
  • If you change the in-game language to Japanese, a Virtual Boy will appear on the shelf in the Trophy Gallery.
  • Holding down certain buttons while entering the Trophy Gallery will change the arrangement of the trophies.
  • You can play as Master Hand via a glitch (no hacks or Action Replay required).

External Links

To learn more info on the game, please check out the following links.

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