Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is popular fighting/party game made by Sora Ltd and Namco Bandai Games, and was published by Nintendo. It is the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series.


The fundamentals are basically the same as they were in Melee and Brawl. The more damage you do to your opponent, the more easier it is to knock them off the screen. You have 4 specials, 4 standard attacks, 3 smash attacks, 5 air attacks, 4 throws, yada yada yada. The thing I want to talk about are the gameplay changes.

Mutli-hitting jabs now end in a finisher, which is a good thing in my book. The blastzones are more far away, which is a really bad thing, because It makes it a lot harder to KO your opponent. Hitstun cancelling was removed (thank God), which means the game now has true combos. However, the hitstun in this game is very short, making it a bit tricky to combo your opponents. If you are wondering what hitstun is, it's when you get launched and you can't act out of it an attack or air dodge. Gliding has been removed (again, which is a good thing to me), and the ledges have been completely overhauled. In previous games, you couldn't grab onto the ledge when someone else is already grabbing it. But in this game, if you grab onto the ledge while someone is on it, you will trump them off the ledge. Making edge hogging impossible to do. Plus if you hop on the ledge for the 2nd time in a row, you will not get any invincibility frames. Personally, I would like it to where if you're invincible on the ledge, you can edgehog. And when you're not invincible on the ledge, you can steal the ledge from your opponent. That would make it more interesting IMO.

The throws in this game suck. They do a lot of knockback, but don't kill. Which also means it's incredibly hard to combo off of throws. The only useful throw for most characters in down throw, because you can get a gazillion combos off of it.

Overall, I think a lot of these gameplay changes were completely unnecessary and brought some of the game down. They also removed a lot of advanced techs too. But I guess I shouldn't really complain about that, as they are exploits.

The character roster in this game is once again, outstanding. There are 17 newcomers, and 37 veterans. Most of the newcomers are really unique and fun to play as. Not only that, but a lot of the veterans that were cut from this game (and Brawl) are coming back as DLC, which is amazing. Also, a good majority of characters that were considered bad/mediocre (Ness, Yoshi, Sonic, etc.) in the previous games, are now really good in this game. All good things aside, the series representation in this game is questionable. We have 7 Mario characters (do we really need this many), no new Zelda characters (seriously, why), there's 4 Fire Emblem characters (why), and there's 3 Kid Icarus characters (again, why).

There are 27 new stages, and 20 returning stages. A lot of the new stages are very boring, bland, and soulless. While a lot of the returning stages are pretty good. I only play on the "competitively viable stages", but I do playing on maps such as Gamer, Garden of Hope, and the Boxing Ring. It really sucks that a lot of the amazing returning stages are only on the 3DS...


The menus suck... ass. Let's see what we got here on the main menu: Smash, Online, Smash Tour, Games & More, Challenges, 3DS, and the e-manual. First complaint; the "Smash" button is way too big. I know that it's the main attraction of the game, but why does it have to be so damn huge? If they shrunk it to normal size, they could've fit more stuff on the main menu. Also, why the hell is Smash Tour on the main menu? Shouldn't it be in "Games & More"? Speaking of Games & More, there's a lot of stuff in there that needs to be on the main menu. Like the Vault and Options. Seriously, why the hell is the O P T I O N S not on the main menu? It's ludicrous.

Smash Tour

Now let's talk about the new mode, Smash Tour. And all I can say is... this mode sucks... major ass. You run around on the board as your Mii collecting equipment, characters, trophies, and checkpoints. If you bump into another Mii on the board, you will get thrown into a random battle with random side-effects while being a random character you've collected and you can give you or your opponents a trophy that will give a side-effect which will add to the randomness.


Yeah. That's pretty much Smash Tour in a nutshell. Just a bunch of random shit that gets thrown at you. One good thing I can say about the mode is the final battle. You play on Battlefield (with items on) with all the characters you've collected. The cool thing about this is, when your character dies, it goes onto the next character, which is really cool. In fact, that should've been a mode in of itself.

What more needs to be said about Smash Tour? It's random, and it sucks because it's way too freaking random. They should've just ported Smash Run.

Custom Moves

A new gimmick added are custom move sets. Custom moves are just variations of the character's special moves. Want Mario's down special (F.L.U.D.D) to do damage? Well, now you have the option to do so! Custom moves are a great idea and I'm very glad they are in the game. However, of course, there are some major downsides. Some customs moves are good. Like... really, really, really good. So good to the point they completely change the character. Any wind based customs are completely broken. They can mess you up badly, especially when recovering. But let's talk about the worst part about customs... unlocking them.

Unlocking customs is completely random and are hard to get. When you advance through a stage in Classic, All-Star, Special Orders, and so fourth, you can get rewarded with random customs and equipment. There's a few problems with this. Customs are RNG (Random Number Generator), meaning that repeats are possible. Yes, you heard that right. Even if you unlocked the custom, it will still sometimes appear as an reward. This makes unlocking customs extremely frustrating and tedious. There's also no benefit to getting the same custom more than once. It's just a cheap way to make unlocking all the customs harder.

Overall, customs can be fun but overpowered, and unlocking them is without a doubt the worst part about the game. Screw you, Sakurai.

Other modes

Classic mode in this game is... dull. You get placed on this map and you get to choose what hoard of fighters you want to fight. Mini-games have been completely removed, so all you get are these boring battles. The only surviving mini-game is Multi-Man Smash, which can be a bit tricky on higher difficulties. Classic is very, very, very short compared to the one in Brawl. But is this a bad thing? Eh... Brawl's Classic mode was too long, and the one in this game feels a bit too short. Melee had it just right.

One really good thing I can say about Classic mode, is the final boss fights. You have to fight against (deepening on your difficulty) Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Master Giant, Master Beast, Master Edges, Master Shadow, Master Fortress, and once you've beaten all of them, you have to knock Master Core off the screen. If you're not quick enough, it will detonate and kill you in one hit if you don't dodge it in time. These boss fights are very fun and extremely tough, challenging the most experienced of players.

All-Star mode is alright. You have to fight all the characters in the game. You start off fighting characters from 2013 - 2007, to 2006 - 2001, and so on. It's not that hard, as your opponents are really easy to kill, while you yourself is very hard to kill.

Our next mode is Special Orders, and it's... meh. It's only there so you can farm for equipment and custom moves. In Master Orders, you choose a ticket, get thrown into a battle, and if you win, you get a reward. Crazy Orders is a bit more interesting. You need to give a hefty amount of coins or use a pass just to play this mode. Like in Master Orders, you choose a ticket, get thrown into battle, and if you win you get rewarded. But in Crazy Orders, your damage carries over to the next battle, and whenever you decide to stop playing the mode, you have to go against Crazy Hand. This mode is a bit more fun that Master Orders, but again, it's only there so you can farm. Once you've collected all the customs or equipment, there's little to no reason to go back to these modes.

The Stage Builder makes a return from Brawl. But this time, you can draw any objects you want, and it works really well. But once again, there are some big downsides. While it is nice to draw whatever objects you desire, you cannot place any pre-made blocks like in Brawl. Plus there are little to no objects to add to your level. The only things you can add to your level besides drawing, are moving platforms, springs, lava, and barrels. That's it. Not only that, but a lot of objects from Brawl were removed. Ice? Gone. Ladders? Gone. Conveyor belts? Gone. Rotating platforms? Gone. This and that? Gone. It's really disappointing actually.

Multi-Man Smash and Home-Run Contest are the same as they were in previous games, so I won't go over them. But they are still good. What I want to talk about is Target Blast. You knock a bomb into stuff, and the most stuff you destroy, the more points you get. It's kinda fun, but I wish they brought back Target Test.

Despite my harsh criticisms about pretty much everything about the gameplay, it's still extremely fun. Which is why I'm giving the gameplay a...

DLC and Updates

Like with all recent Nintendo games, this game has DLC, making it the first Smash game to have downloadable content (and updates). The DLC ranges from characters, stages, and Mii costumes. I'll talk about the characters first.

Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, and Ryu join the battle. Mewtwo and Roy making their return from Melee, Lucas making his return from Brawl, and Ryu joining the Smash for the first time. The pricing on these characters are pretty good ($3.99 USD, $4.99$ if you're buying the character for both versions), and they are not tied to the disc. The characters themselves come with trophies and sometimes even stages (Ryu). The returning characters haven't been changed up all that much. Mewtwo and Lucas are pretty much identical to their appearances in the previous games. Roy, however, has gotten quite a few new moves, making him feel very fresh. Ryu is probably the most unique newcomer the series has witnessed. He has all of his moves from Street Fighter games, but they are a bit easier to do. To perform a hadouken in Street Fighter, you had to quarter circle forward, then punch. But in Smash, all you have to do is press the B button. However... to perform the more powerful version of the move, you must perform the original Street Fighter inputs. This applies to all of Ryu's special moves.

There are many more characters to come, as there is a fighter ballot where you can vote for what characters you want as DLC.

The DLC stages so far are just stages from the original Smash Bros. for N64. These include, Dream Land, Hyrule Castle, and Peach's Castle. They cost $2.99 USD each. That may seem a lot for an old stage, but considering the fact you get amazing music with the stages, I think the price is pretty fair. The stages are pretty much identical to their N64 counterparts gameplay and graphics wise. Hyrule Castle got some new HD textures, however.

There's a TON of Mii Fighter Costume DLC. Because of this, I'm only going to name a few. There are costumes such as Zero from Mega Man X, Heihachi from Tekken, Akira from Virtual Fighter, Inklings from Splatoon, and many, many more. The costumes do not give your Miis special powers or anything like that, they are only aesthetic. The Mii Fighter costumes cost 75 cents each.

Overall, I think the DLC for this game is incredible. The prices are fair, and the content is superb. Sora, Namco, and Nintendo are really going all out with this DLC. Which is why I'm raising the score of the gameplay by one.



This is the first Smash game to be in HD, and it looks stunning. The textures and character models look solid, and stages like Battlefield look absolutely gorgeous. The game's artstyle is also very different from Brawl's. It's a lot more cartoonish this time around, and the colors on the characters and stages look more vibrant and alive. A lot of the characters (like King Dedede) are a lot more expressive as well.

15 veterans got a visual redesign, while the rest of them retain their designs from Brawl (albeit with some minor changes). All of the redesigned characters look really awesome, and I wish they redesigned a few more.

One major gripe I have with the graphics is that some of the characters look... odd. Take Ganondorf for instance. His face and hair looks like it's made out of plastic, and his design overall is more cartoony than it was in Brawl. This makes him look much less menacing than in previous games.

There's really nothing more to say. The game looks pretty, and that's that.



The sound effects in this game sound really nice. They sound notably more crunchier and comedic this time around, which I like. However, some of the new SFX sound really bad. Like the sound effects that play when King Dedede hits someone with his hammer. It sounds like someone is hitting a drum which makes it sound very unfitting. Other than that, the SFXs sound great.

11 characters got new voices, while the rest were copy and pasted from Brawl. Which is a huge negative for me. I heard these voice clips to death in Brawl, and now I have to hear them all over again. Brawl gave new voice clips to ALL of the veterans, so why couldn't this game do the same? Some of the new voice clips sound bad too. Like Fox and Falco's new voices.

Another really lazy part in the sound department is that a majority of the victory themes are reused from Brawl. Why? What's their excuse for this? This is the first ever Smash game to reuse victory themes, and it pisses me off to no end. Reused character designs, reused voice clips, and reused victory themes. How much lazier can you get? I would give the sound a 6/10, but the music saves it. Speaking of, let's talk the music.

My God... I wouldn't be kidding If I said this is my favorite video game soundtrack of all time. 90% of the songs sound absolutely incredible, and some of my all time favorites. There is really no words to describe how kick ass it is. However, there are a couple of downsides. There are less remixes than Brawl, and a lot of franchises barley got any new remixes, which is pretty disappointing. Another extremely annoying thing is that some of the tracks from previous games were shorted now. Why? What's the point in doing that? It completely ruins songs such as the DK Rap.


Replay Value

The replay ability like in the previous games, is top notch. There's just simply so many things to do in this game, it's kind of overwhelming. I still haven't done everything in this game yet, and I've had it since launch. The content in this game will last you months, if not years, and that's not counting all the fun you're going to have in Smash battles.



Despite all of the criticism I've given the game, Super Smash Bros, for Wii U is still a solid title. Smash battles, the replay ability, and the soundtrack is where this game really shines. If you own a Wii U and don't have this game, what's wrong with you? There's also the 3DS version, but that's a another review for another day.



Cool Facts

  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the fastest selling Wii U game.
  • This is the first Smash Bros. game to receive an E10+ rating by the ESRB. Melee and Brawl were rated T.
  • Newcomers such as Vilager, PAC-MAN, and the Mii Fighters were all considered to be in Brawl at one point.
  • While the game was announced June 2011, production on the game didn't start until nearly a year later (May 2012).
  • The character roster was finalized in early 2012.
  • The director (Masahiro Sakurai) at one point considered to not include any new characters so him and his team could focus more on gameplay balance.
  • An adventure mode was planned, but was scraped due to people uploading cutscenes from Brawl's adventure mode to the internet.
  • Amiibo weren't planned for the game until February 2014.
  • Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina were originally alternative costumes for Mario, Pit, and Marth respectively. They were made into their own character due to their unique abilities.

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