Hello, everyone! I’m so excited! I’m gonna do a review of my favorite game EVER, Shadow of the Colossus. This game makes me so unbelievably happy. Let’s get on with it instead of staying on the nostalgia and feels.


Funny enough, this game’s plot is holed up. It’s holed up on purpose. The game was designed to be fun, but also be a work of art. Fumito Ueda, the developer, answers very few questions about the game’s plot, wanting the players to decide what happened before and after, and make their own guesses about the characters.

Though, the plot that we are given goes like this:

In the beginning you can hear a man a talking to someone. He gives whoever he is talking to information about The Forbidden Land, a cursed land that was abandoned, keeping trapped a vengeful deity with power over life and death. The man talks about a few other things, but we’ll go past that. You see a young man riding his horse across a bridge. There’s something in front of him on the horse. You see it’s a girl about his age who appears to be dead or unconscious. After the long ride across the bridge, the man goes into a large temple with the girl, setting her on the alter. All of the sudden he hears a voice. That voice is Dormin. The powerful deity that has power over life and death. Dormin offers the young man a chance at his reviving his (we are now told) dead love. To do so, he must destroy the 16 statues in the temple chamber. The statues are linked to 16 powerful colossi that he must defeat to revive his girl. He goes on this quest to fight the colossi and there are spoilers on from there.

In my opinion, I love the plot and every bit of it is fantastic. That’s all I really have to say now about the plot.


This is a difficult question, because the HD remake for playstation 3 made the game worse. I’m not being a butthurt hipster like “OLD GENZ RULEEE” or anything, it’s just that during the transition between consoles, they made some revisions to the mechanics. In the PS2 version, Wander could climb a colossus quite easily. It was still a challenge figuring out the patterns and path to the colossus itself, but that was what it was made for. It wasn’t supposed to be too hard to actually get stabs off. In the PS3 version, Wander will collapse if the colossus breathes too hard. It’s really annoying and makes the game slightly less fun (still remains my favorite game, though). All in all, the control scheme, game mechanics, and difficulty are just fine.

My Conclusion

I give the game a… Wait for it…


I think everyone should at least try playing the game. It’s fantastically fun, and fun.

Stay Classy, Spicy Squirrelz