THE SQUIRREL IS BACK!!! Hey, all. It's Cameron. This is my review on the series Sly Breaks Friends by the YouTuber xXSlyFoxHoundXx.

How I Feel About It

I personally love this series. It's been over for a while now, but I have never laughed so hard at a YouTube video.

What's It About?

Sly Breaks Friends is about Sly doing his best to enrage his best friend Aleks (ImmortalHD) and bring out his more entertaining side. The series has two seasons and both are equally funny. The first series is Minecraft: Skyblock Survival. Sly quickly says the goal of Skyblock, then pauses the video and voices over his true intentions. Sly just seems to act clueless in the beginning, only etching on Immortal's nerves a little. Things start to pick up when Immortal complains about losing their sapling into the bottom of the world. Sly then proceeds to mumble under his breath (Well, go find it) and punches Immortal off the island. Sly does this for a while until Immortal is at a level of constant anger. The harassment gets cranked up at this point. Sly somehow works the conversation into Aleks being racist. After working this topic, Aleks eventually gets angrier and asks why he even is racist. Sly's response was a hypothetical situation beginning with "Let's say you're a manatee". Sly explains that this big roundabout situation makes absolutely no sense. After about 10 minutes of Sly talking, Aleks exclaims "WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!" and Sly says in a sassy/factual voice "That you're a racist manatee". Immortal goes silent and Sly tries to get his attention. He is still in the call, but he leaves the game. After about 5 minutes, you hear Aleks say: "I don't wanna be friends anymore". The season ends there.

In season two, they are playing another survival game where they are trapped together on an island. In this season, Aleks went over the limit in anger, but wasn't too mad till the last few episodes. The earlier parts of the season, Sly just bothered Aleks by leading creepers to his house or blaming him for stuff. Around the end, when Aleks started showing real annoyance, Sly accused him of "killing Mr. YumYums the Cat with his 'bony dick'". He pushed the topic over and over again, claiming Mr. YumYums' ghost would haunt him forever. He proceeded to stand outside Aleks' house and open and close the door repeatedly (which makes a really loud, annoying noise), claiming Mr. YumYums' ghost was angry that he won't own up to his murder. Aleks eventually leaves the game AND the call. After a few minutes, Sly hears his phone ring. The person on the other end is Aleks. He is crying and he tells Sly he is going to his house to kill him. Sly pushes Aleks even further about Mr. YumYums and Aleks screams "SHUT UP!!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! I'M DONE! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Sly claims he is going to go lock his doors and the video ends.

My Rating

10/10 - Sly made up with Immortal and admitted to trolling him.

Season 1

Season 2

Reviewed by Spicy Squirrelz