One day when I came home from school, I decided to play my all time favorite video game, Pokemon; Deez Nuts, just kidding, it was good old Pokemon: Fire Red, only I noticed that the label said, Fiery Diarrhea. I pass this off as a simple spelling error because main protagonists in stories are stupid 69% of the time. I insert the game into my DS Phat, wanting to get a slight nostalgic feel as the game boots up.

I watch the opening cutscene with Gengar and Nidorino fighting, I always thought this fight was silly to watch, since they are both part poison and neither had any strong super effective moves that could knock out each other at that time. I watch as the Charizard comes on screen, looking fierce as usual, with the raging fire in the background, except I could have sworn I saw the Pokemon Firered screen change for a second saying, Fiery Diarrhea. I again pass this off since I realize this game is not glitched at all, I owned it since 2004!

I start off where I last saved, automatically I should add, as I had just beaten the Elite Four with my Charizard, Dusclops, and Golbat, all at level 100 of course, as I start walking in game, I feel a tingling sensation in real life, I run to the bathroom, open the toilet, purposely drop the DS in and let out a crap the size of 2 footballs, as red as the game cartridge I took a shit on. I finish it off with a piss and take the game out from the red infested waters, as I flush the toilet.

After taking such a hard shit, I start to play the game, wiping off little shit balls that were so red, they seemed to be the color of blood, as I walk into Cerulean City, the speakers start to screech loudly saying "Shit more, SHIT MORE"

In absolute terror, I take the Firered game out, and dunked it in the toilet, then proceed to heavily shit on it, I try flushing it down, but wait there's more! The toilet gets clogged up from all the massive amounts of excrement, so I head over to Grizzly Bear and Fatal's apartment complex and 'borrow' their weed and a plunger.

After putting some weed in the toilet, for extra enhancement, I then use the plunger, which then gets rid of the wet shits. After that I turned into Weegee. The End.