My good friends and brethren, gather, all close;
I am Lady Veronica, Divine Spirit, Light Within The Dark.
Neither brothers nor mothers nor fathers have I,
But I was born of a serpent, an angel, and the ribs of a young man.
Should you wish to know how, I can tell you not;
Simply know that, within the Earth, such are things we don't know.

For all the world's time, all six-thousand years,
I have been the protector, the guardian, princess of peace.
No beast nor demon has escaped my bloodstained wrath,
Killed not by a sword, nor an arrow, even a stone;
But exorcisms abound, proceeding like a rite of passage,
Using just feathers, jar of honey, and pigment black as night.

With but these in hand, I scaled the tallest mountains,
Searching for beast, demon, out-casted angel.
And who should I uncover but the dread creature Fae,
Feather-dragon, gentle eyes, breath burning like the devil's abode.
She turned towards me and attacked with strong force,
I leaped, threw the honey, scattered the dye in the wind,
There it stuck to her body in an ugly dark cover.
The she-dragon bucked, writhed, flapped her angel-wings,
Then fled to a sanctuary in fear of my prowess.
Yes, like a scolded dog did she flee my might!
No more shall she trouble the land, or the mountains, or my people!

Yet all this is nothing to what I predict for the coming future,
I have an enemy, a nemesis, one who opposes my standing.
Thrown from the heavens does he glare down upon me,
Angel of the Earth, angry, causing terror upon God's creatures.
Without fear shall I approach him and reduce him to the dust,
Beneath me shall he cower, beg, and tremble in submission.
I shall remove his wings and leave him abandoned,
In shame shall he return to his others, pride broken, spirit filled up with fear.

Ever before have you seen such power?
Bravery, strength, courage- all the virtues of man.
Ah, the Lord himself admires my strength!
For the next six thousand years I will be the hero, the queen, the master of all that is life.

Written by Grizzly Bear