NOTE: I will not be editing the article, but the account linked in #2 is invalid. It was taken down.

It’s the squirrel again. 0u0 I’m gonna list off my top 10 favorite things to do with my time. I guess since this list exists, you’re already gonna guess #1.

1. Hanging around this wiki! I love Starpolar and I enjoy writing (when I can) and interacting with everyone!

2. Chatting with people on my fandom account of Facebook! You can add me as Cameron Sümmøñęr Brooks I loveeeee making new friends. Though, I did just get finished going through some harassment on there.

3. Playing video games! You can also add my Steam account. This is my profile picture. I have over 100 games and I love playing most of them. However, I need to get a better computer.

4. Watching YouTube videos! I love YouTube (minus the Google Plus ruining it part). I have a few videos up on my channel, but they are private for the time being. I’m actually friends with a few awesome YouTubers.

5. Listening to music! Music keeps me calm and focused when I do things. To be honest, (don’t laugh) I’m absolutely terrified of driving. Music usually keeps me calm so I don’t freak out.

6. Writing. To be honest I write to vent a lot, but my writing is really shitty, so I don’t post it. I’ve only really shared it with one other person and I’m really embarrassed anyway. I enjoy casual writing that isn’t used for venting, though.

7. Talking to my <>/<3< (moirail/kismesis). Cris is hella amaze and I love talking to her. That reminds me. (takes a break and texts Cris). Anyway. She’s super cool and like. Platonic crush, mang. To be honest, I need to finish our RP later today.

8. I love to learn history and geography. I can memorize and recite random historical and geographical facts about random places. I don’t know why, but I just can. I like learning about war strategy from different empires.

9. I can and enjoy memorizing random ignorantly long facts about different games. Example: In Minecraft - Tekkit, it takes a lot of coal and diamonds to make red matter. You need to surround a philosophers stone with eight coal to make one alchemical coal, eight alchemical coal to make one mobius fuel, and eight mobius fuel to make one aeternalis fuel. That’s 64 coal to make one aeternalis fuel. It takes eight aeternalis fuel surrounding a diamond to make dark matter, and I believe 8 diamonds or diamond blocks surrounding dark matter to make red matter. Yes. I do have that memorized and I haven’t played Tekkit in over a year.

10. I enjoy having my occasional playful banter with Simba and other members of the wiki. It’s refreshing, since we all act playful and dumb sometimes, yet many of you are also really smart and can have an intelligent conversation too.

List by Spicy Squirrelz