Alrighty everyone. I'm back. That's right. It's-a-me Spicy! Now that I've scared half of you off with my being annoying and all, let's get down to business. I'm gonna review you a thing. What is this 'thing' you ask? It is a TV show called The Big Bang Theory.




Alrighty. Let's start with the diversity between characters. There's quite a bit. actually. This show's uniqueness of characters is oddly attractive. Out of the four main male characters of the show, you have:

  • (Sheldon Cooper) A really nerdy physicist who has zero social skills, but is extremely smart. He exhibits discomfort when dishing out displays of affection, and doesn't understand that some things offend people.
  • (Leonard Hofstadter) A slightly less nerdy physicist, who has probably the best (appropriate) social skills in the group. He is also quite intelligent, but isn't given any credit for it.
  • (Rajesh Koothrappali) An Indian astronomer who can't speak to women without being intoxicated (which just makes him a douche when doing so). He has issues with his parents and who he should be dating.
  • (Howard Wolowitz) An engineer who lives with his mother and tries to get a piece of ass from every single woman he sees. He makes advances, but it's easy to tell he's a skeevy nerd boy, so they aren't ever reciprocated.

Now, the female characters have a bit less known about them (excluding Penny).

  • (Penny) A wannabe actress who works at the cheesecake factory. She sleeps with a lot of men, but ends up developing a relationship with Leonard.
  • (Bernadette) A tiny woman who is friends with Penny and works as a microbiologist. Bernadette is eventually introduced to Howard and they develop a relationship.
  • (Amy Farrah Fowler) A socially awkward woman who meets Sheldon and eventually drags him into a relationship, regarding it as an 'experiment' regarding both of their intellects. She craves sex while Sheldon has zero desire for anything physical.


Okay, we're finally at the development for characters. I think that the characters have developed extremely well, plus for major developments, there were some clutchy, heart-wrenching moments. Leonard was really shy and he wasn't sure how to impress a girl before he met Penny. He still has a lot to learn. We also learn more and more about everyone throughout all of the episodes. A lot of shows nowadays just introduce characters and leave them how they are for almost the whole series. The Big Bang Theory lets out info about characters and keeps it canon for the whole series.

I don't want this to be too long, so lets move on to aspects that make the show what it is. The Big Bang Theory is a comedy about a bunch of nerds and their lives. It features a ton of nerd culture and references toward comics and what not. The four main guys are physicists, an astronomer, and an engineer, so there are some jokes worked in there as well. It also features some basic relationship drama as you would expect. Of course the fandom for this show grew pretty fast, so there is a lot of shipping. SO. MUCH. SHIPPING.

Now I'm gonna move on to what I actually think about the show. My whole family and I love it. We buy the new seasons on DVD and marathon them. I think it's one of the best shows for TV now. I think it is very unique when you compare it to other shows on any network and deserves more credit than it is given most of the time. I really don't have all that much to say. I just think it is a really good show. I'm gonna leave you all alone now.

Farewell, friends.


Reviewed by Spicy Squirrelz