Author's note: "Memez" is intentional. Don't change that.

Once upon a time there lived a naked banana named Spook Sumeguiy. You would see Spook everywhere on the internet that involved memes. You would see Spook on 4chan, 9gag, Reddit, and you would even see her on Trollpasta.

One day someone made Spook very upset by saying that toast wasn't good, so she went outside and started screaming memes. Her first victim was a poor, innocent dog that was beaten by its owner. She walked up to the dog and screamed "LE FUNNY BANANA!" The dog got so scared that it had a heart attack and died.

The dog dying didn't stop Spook at all. No. It made her keep on going.

So she started screaming out memes like "WHEN U MOM COM HOME AND MAKE HTE SPAGHETI" and "AYY LMAO" all over the place. After a while someone got sick of it. So they decided to falcon punch Spook in the uterus and call the police. The police found Spook lying on the concrete floor with a blood stain on her crotch. They picked her up and was thrown into jail. Her bail was 9 dollars. Since she didn't have the money to pay for it, she had to wait until the court case was heard.

On 4/20, her trial was heard.

She was sentenced 69 years in the slammer for screaming memes and disrupting the peace.

While on her way there she couldn't stop screaming memes. When she got there she couldn't stop screaming memes. It wasn't until a police officer got sick of it and started beating her mouth with a nightstick. That made Spook shut up for a while.

While in prison she met a lot of people. No one really understood her except for one... His name was Charles Manson, the famous cult leader. When Spook's mouth recovered, they both screamed memes as loud as they could. They screamed hot, sexy memes as long as they could in their mutual friendship. Then they got into a love affair. While in the prison, Spook gave birth to Charles Manson's baby. They decided to name him "Charles Sumeguiy".

Then they lived happily ever after inside the prison.

The end.

Written by Fatal Disease