Welcome to the Starpolar Wiki Network's Headquarters page! Here you will find information about the Starpolar Wiki Network (SWN, for short). This community project is meant to interconnect a number of communities in a bond of friendship and helpfulness!

Our Network Guidelines

Before you can apply to join the network, you and your wiki must meet these guidelines:

  1. You must a bureaucrat on the wiki you are representing. OR
  2. You must be an admin or a bureaucrat on this wiki.
  3. Your community (if applicable) must give consent to the plan to join the network.
  4. If applicable, tell us why you want to join our network.
  5. If applicable, tell us if you recently adopted the wiki you are representing.
  6. If applicable, tell us if there are other administrators.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the Network Applications Board.
  2. In the title box, put "Application for Network: (Name of Wiki)".
  3. Explain your purpose behind wishing to join the network.
  4. Explain (thoroughly) if you meet the guidelines above.
  5. LINK the discussion you had with your community about joining the network.
  6. Please list any networks your wiki may already be apart of (such as the Creepypasta Wiki Network or WikiUnion).

The Badge.

  1. Upon approval of your application, your wiki's name will be added to the Network Template on the main page.
  2. Using Special:Import, import the Template's FULL history, or copy the source code on the Template.
  3. Post the Template on to the main page of your wiki.

Information about the network

This project is explicitly to expand our communities as a whole. The reason we have the application and guidelines process is only to make sure that everything between our communities can flow smoothly, and all sites involved get more benefits than risks. Basically, by applying to join the network, you're applying to share and interconnect our two communities.

Note, however, that if necessary, we can and will block members who are from your community should they violate our Site Rules while on this site.

If you are a bureaucrat on this wiki, only two (2) wikis you found/adopt can join the network without going through the application process.

Sandbox and Workshop Wikis

Sandbox and Workshop Wikis that are a part of the network are explicitly founded by the bureaucrats of this wiki. They are free to use by anyone in the community. However, keep in mind that some Sandbox Wikis do not have Site Rule pages; but this isn't an excuse to act up.