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In 1884,  meridian time personnel met

 in  to change Earth time.

First words said was that only 1 day

could be used on Earth to not change

 the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1

day  and  ignored  the  other  3 days.


The bible time was wrong then and it

 proved wrong today. This a major lie

  has so much evil feed from it's wrong.

No man on Earth has no belly-button,

  it proves every believer on Earth a liar.


Children will be blessed for

Killing Of Educated Adults

Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous

 Days Same Earth Rotation.

Practicing  Evil  ONEness -

Upon Earth Of  Quadrants.

 Evil Adult Crime VS Youth.

  Supports Lie Of Integration.

  1 Educated Are Most Dumb.

  Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.

  Man Is Paired,  2 Half 4 Self.

  1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.                         

   Bible A Lie & Word Is Lies.

   Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.

  God Is Born Of A Mother –

   She Left Belly B. Signature.

Every Priest Has Ma Sign

  But Lies To Honor Queers.

Belly B. Proves 4 Corners.

Your dirty lying teachers

use only the midnight to

midnight 1 day (ignoring

3 other days) Time to not

foul (already wrong) bible

   time. Lie that corrupts earth

you educated stupid fools.

GoBelly-Button  Logic Works.

When   Do  Teenagers  Die?

Adults Eat Teenagers Alive,

 No Record  Of  Their Death.

  Father Son Image, Not Gods.

 Every Man Born Of Woman.

Until you can tear and burn the bible to  escape the EVIL ONE, it will be impossible  for your educated stupid brain to know that  4 different corner harmonic 24 hour Days  rotate simultaneously within a single 4  quadrant rotation of a squared equator  and cubed Earth. The Solar system, the  Universe, the Earth and all humans are  composed of + 0 - antipodes, and equal  to nothing if added as a ONE or Entity.  All Creation occurs between Opposites.  Academic ONEism destroys  +0- brain.  If you would acknowledge  simple existing math proof 
that 4 harmonic corner days 
rotate simultaneously around 
squared equator and cubed 
Earth, proving 4 Days, Not 
1Day,1Self,1Earth or 1God 
that exists only as anti-side. 
This page you see - cannot 
exist without its anti-side 
existence, as +0- antipodes. 
Add +0- as One = nothing. If delinquents know


These four called Harmonic Corners

Turn around at ONE TIME

Ecuador square cube on the Internet

Earth Testifying Not named Fourth,

1 called 1Self, 1Earth gold 1God

It is equally hostile to the arm.

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If the presence of + 0- World.

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