Hey guys, it's Fern again. Today I'm gonna try to make two tops, lets start with this one

During the winter, I started listening to this band called "Eyes Set To Kill", I ended up loving it. After listening to it a lot, I decided to make a Top 10 of its best songs.


As always, I must say, this is not a top about the most popular songs, it's a top about the best songs, based on a personal choice after listening all the albums. 10: "Little Liar"

9: "Two Letter Sins"

8: "Surface"

7: "Come Home"

6: "Infected"

5: "Where I Want To Be" (Masks Version)

4: "Polly" (Nirvana Cover)

3: "Untitled"

These two are the most epic ones. The lyrics and the choruses are just...

2: "Ticking Bombs"

1: "Haze"

Well guys, thanks for reading another top!

List by Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles