This is a sequel to Top 10 Metallica Songs from 1983 - 1988. Since I have decided to make a list for these two eras with the band. I grew up listening to them. I'm still a big fan today, but I do like this era a little bit better. It's more musically constructed than the fast beats, random tempo changes that the band used. Like the last list, I had a hard time choosing. They have released an album past 2008 called Lulu (Released in 2011; Collaboration with Lou Reed), but, I'll be honest, it's such a disgrace to their music that it's not even going to be on the list. I will not add their cover album, Garage Inc., because it's covers. They did do a good job covering some of the songs on that album, but I want to post the band's original work.

These are the 6 albums that you will be seeing.

10. The Day That Never Comes - The fourth track of Metallica's 9th album, Death Magnetic, the song reminds me a lot of "Fade to Black". It starts off with a slow, clean sound, then it transforms into a heavy sound. Eventually leading to dual guitar solos and a good outro. So that's why it's on this list.

9. The Unnamed Feeling - The song talks about anxiety. The music feels like you're about to have an anxiety attack.

8. - Human - Why this song? Why not "No Leaf Clover"? Because this song is the most heaviest stuff on the S&M album. So that's why.

7. King Nothing - Probably one of my favorite Metallica songs on this album, "King Nothing" provides an intro that can make your right ear leak fluids. It talks about a person wanting to be king but he'll lose everything (that's what I think anyways). Then it repeats the intro for the bridge, making you feel good about listening to this song.

6. The Outlaw Torn (S and M Version) - The reason why this version of the song is on here is because it fills so many holes from the original version.

5. My Apocalypse - The last song of Metallica's recent album, Death Magnetic, this song talks about a apocalypse. It is also my favorite song on the album, and it was one of the many songs that got me influenced to the band. I remember playing it multiple times in the car and my dad would get sick of it.

4. Fuel - Probably the hit song on ReLoad, "Fuel" brings out the adrenaline to this song. Its live performances start with Kirk mimicking a car engine, then the band coming in with fireworks.

3. Nothing Else Matters (S and M Version) - The original song talks about missing home and missing someone. The original one is too cheery for me and I dislike it, but this version is a lot better. It doesn't start off with a whole band when James starts the first verse, and it doesn't have that choiry feeling at the chorus. Plus it has James being a badass on the acoustic-electric on the solo.

2. Sad But True - The second track off of their most famous album, The Black Album, "Sad But True" is the heaviest song on the album. With it being a different tuning than the other songs (I think either Eb or D standard), it brings out the joy and fun in this song. (Even though its original intentions were a slow, heavy, sad tune).

1. Enter Sandman - Metallica's most famous song from the nineties and the bands second music video, this song charts number one on the list. It talks about nightmares, basically. James had to re-write the music multiple times and ect. This song was worked on so many times, along with the other songs on the album. But it deserves to be on the list as No. 1.

Honorable Mentions

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