Skillet - The Thirst Is Taking Over (Lyrics)

Skillet - The Thirst Is Taking Over (Lyrics)

Number one song.

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I was bored, so I decided to make another top 10 list. As I've said before on my lists, this is made out of my personal choice of Skillet's songs and it won't be about the band's most popular songs.

10. Never Surrender - I added this song because of it's sound and it's lyrics, but specially because of the sound, reminded me of some Kashmir songs but it also adds the typical guitar sound you can find on Skillet (And maybe other bands).

9. Forsaken - I don't know what to put here so... Fuck you, this song is great.

8. Imperfection - Great song with a catchy chorus, also the drums have this sound that somehow it reminds me of P.O.D.'s "Youth Of The Nation".

7. Awake And Alive - Probably the song that made Jen Ledger (Band drummer since 2008) famous. It has a sound that makes it the typical song to appear on Anime Music Videos (Which I actually hate so much) but the sound also caught my attention because of Ledger's voice reminding me of the Russian band t.A.T.u.

6. Better Than Drugs - Great song. It has a heavy intro but it becomes a bit calmer during the verses and the chorus. Also it has a great solo, probably my favorite solo of the album Comatose.

5. Yours To Hold - A good acoustic Skillet song, which I consider better when played live because of Ledger's voice appearance after the first chorus.

4. Fire And Fury - A great song for Ledger's voice, it has this sound close to pop, but it's also mixed with Seth Morrison's guitar which reminds you that you're listening to Skillet. Also the lyrics on this song are great (In my opinion).

3. Salvation - Another great song, with a perfect sound, it kind of reminds me of "Fire and Fury" but it's solo and chorus are much better than that song.

2. Open Wounds - Great sound, maybe "edgy" lyrics but they're still good.

1. The Thirst Is Taking Over - A song I chose because it helped me during some love problems I had back in 2014. It has great lyrics and a unique sound that you can rarely find on Skillet's songs.

Honorable Mentions

Whispers In The Dark





Sick Of It

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