"Televisor was formed in early 2012 after the duo consisting of Tim Butler (Formerly Rundfunk) and Tom Parry joined forces to help re-ignite the disco flame in modern dance music. For over two years, Televisor have been releasing records on multiple labels and have a solid catalog of original releases. Their influences stem from all kinds of music, including 70’s disco acts such as ‘Chic’ and ‘Odessey' right through to Disco House and French House acts such as ‘Alan Braxe’. Although separated geographically, the duo have been steadily releasing music for over two years and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon: 'To us, music is the embodiment of emotion through sound. As musicians, we see sound as a way to capture and express feelings and moods that help captivate and ignite both ourselves and our listeners. Sharing these feelings with a crowd of people who are singing your lyrics is a wonderful experience, and one we will continue to enjoy.'" (Televisor's Facebook)

As I stated in Episode #6 of the Monstercat Series, I was planning to do a top 10 list on the one artist that releases the majority of nu disco/indie dance (Mainly the former) on the label, hence the fact that this is #6.5 in the series as it is an extra to that list. So, enjoy this until I decide on what to do for episode #8.

Top 10 Televisor Songs (Picked by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY/Simba)

10. Life (feat. Iris) (3:35)

9. The Pressure (5:02)

8. Dream Soda (4:09)

7. Starlight (3:59)

6. Pinup (3:28)

5. Automagic (3:49)

4. Rock The Flock (3:54)

3. The Chase (4:00)

2. Old Skool (5:17)

1. Neon (4:15)

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List by your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands