First of all, this list is made out of my personal selection of 3DG's favorite songs, this is not a top 10 of the most famous songs of Three Days Grace. This top 10 will include different versions of songs and I will also my favorite live performance of each song.

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10. The High Road: This song, from the album Transit of Venus (2012), has become one of my favorite songs because of its sound and lyrics. I didn't really understand the lyrics since Transit of Venus isn't really an emotional album. I believe this song sounds better with Matt's voice, but only in live performances. (Yeah, let's just forget about that awful track with Matt's autotuned voice). My favorite live performance is the one at The District, Sioux Falls, in July 2014.

9. Animal I Have Become: You guys must be wondering, why is this song in 9th place? Well, as I said before, this top is made out of my personal selection. I personally like this song, but I don't like it that much because of its sound. I believe this song is really good with Matt's voice, but this song was made to be interpreted by Adam. My favorite live performance is the one at The Palace, Detroit, in 2008.

8. Get Out Alive: Oh, I love the sound on this one. It's one of my favorites, but I'm putting it on number 8 because I don't think the album version is that good. Favorite live performance: Sovereign Center at Reading, PA, in February 2013 (Yes, I love how Matt sings it).

7. Landmine: One of the best songs on their newest album Human. I don't really like the sound of the vocals but the guitar, the drums and the bass found a way to make this song awesome. I also love the bridge after the second chorus. This song hasn't been played live yet.

6. Home: My favorite song off their first album. This song is good if you listen to the studio version, but if you listen to it live, it's a whole different thing. Choosing a favorite live performance was hard so I'll put two. The one at The Palace, Detroit, in 2008 and the one at Anfiteatro Eva Perón, Buenos Aires, in 2015.

5. Car Crash: This song has this beautiful sound at the start, and when it starts saying "All I see is shattered glass and red lights passing, my life flashing" you can hear (or at least I did) a small similarity to Radical Face's "Welcome Home". Then at 1:25 the song explodes with Matt screaming "I couldn't stop at the red light!" This kinda makes you feel like you were in a true car crash. This song hasn't been performed live yet, and I hope to see it live.

4. Pain: Oh... "Pain". I love the sound of the guitar and the drums in this song. I believe the compressed microphone makes the song sound even better with Matt's voice, but that's my personal opinion. Favorite live performance: Lollapalooza Brazil 2015 or The District, Sioux Falls, in July 2014.

3. The Real You: My favorite song from their last album Human. I love how this song talks about telling someone that you won't give up on them even if they don't see the kind of person they are. I also love the piano in this song. Favorite live performance: Anfiteatro Eva Perón, Buenos Aires, in 2015.

2. Never Too Late: Totally the best One-X song. I love the power the lyrics have because I personally witnessed a few friends going through bad moments in their lives, and this song helped them. I don't care who sings this one, it sounds great with both voices.

And finally, number one. I personally picked three songs for this last number. Why three? Because these songs are tied because they helped me (And sometimes also made things worse for me) through some problems I've had in my love life. These songs are:

Someone Who Cares: I personally like this song because of its lyrics. The song is just asking why is it so hard to fight someone who cares about you, which is really hard because when someone cares about us, they don't care what we say to them, unless it's something really hurtful.

No More: This song is about a relationship failing, and one of the two in the relationship asking the other to give him/her a reason to stay there because that person doesn't want to live in fear.

Last To Know: I don't really want to give an interpretation of the lyrics of this song, because after reading the lyrics, it's pretty obvious.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading my first top list.

List by Xx Human xX