Hey guys, it's Fern/Globalist.

After leaving for three months.. or two, can't remember, I'm back with a new top, I've been wanting to make this top for a lot of weeks, and honestly I don't care if nobody sees it, sometimes you just have the need to do the stuff you like, even if the others aren't paying attention. This top, as many tops I've made, is based on a personal choice of albums. I'm not going to put albums in the top numbers just because everyone loves them (Example: AC/DC's Back in Black). Okay, here we go.

Also, I'll put a limit of two albums per band.

  • 15: King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues (The Sunpilots): If you're looking for good concept albums, this one should be on your list, this album has great songs like "Sex and TV" or my personal favorite, "The Captain". This album seems to have some Muse and Radiohead influences along with other bands when it comes to singing.
  • 14: My Darkest Days (My Darkest Days): This album honestly isn't really creative when it comes to lyrics, but still, if you're a fan of rock bands with pop influences, you'll like at least one song. It also has a cover of Come Undone by Duran Duran!. My personal favorites are "Like Nobody Else" and "Save Me".
  • 13: The Pale Emperor (Marilyn Manson): Probably the best album Manson has ever made in my opinion. This album manages to keep a noire theme in most of its songs, like "Killing Strangers". My personal favorites are "Mephistopheles of Los Angeles/Fated, Faithful, Fatal" (It's the same song, just different versions) and "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge".
  • 12: OK Computer (Radiohead): I had to put this album in here, it's the best Radiohead album I've heard, it has great songs with good lyrics, it's also the first album I ever bought. My personal favorites are "Paranoid Android", "No Surprises" and "Climbing Up The Walls".
  • 11: E.A.R. (Kashmir): If you want to just sit and relax, you gotta listen to this album. With a few Radiohead influences, this album manages to keep a relaxing theme in most of this songs, my personal favorites are "Piece Of The Sun" and "Seraphina".
  • 10: Between The Stars (Flyleaf): Am I the only one who liked this album?. There's nothing much to say about it. It just changed Flyleaf's sound and turned it into pop, but somehow I managed to love it. My personal favorites are "Platonic" and "Set Me On Fire".
  • 9: Origin of Symmetry (Muse): This album was great, it had a lot of good songs with amazing lyrics, it even has a cover of ...some couple with long names (Feeling Good). The sound of this album is unique and it's claimed by the Muse fans as the best Muse album ever made. My personal favorites are "Citizen Erased" and "Micro Cuts"
  • 8: Going To Hell (The Pretty Reckless): Well, this is a great album, and it has a feeeew songs with good lyrics. I loved the sound of this album and I can't describe it because it's 3 AM, I'm fucking sleepy and I'm hungry as fuck, also, Taylor Momsen has a great voice (she's hot too) and the guitarrist is really skilled. My personal favorites are "Absolution" "House On A Hill" and "Heaven Knows".
  • 7. 10.000 Days (Tool): What can I say about this album? It's a Tool album (In other words: EPIC). I love the sound and the lyrics about it. My personal favorites are "Right In Two" and "10.000 Days".
  • 6. Human (Three Days Grace): Many people feel sad about Adam Gontier's departure, but hey!, Matt Walst is a great singer, and the band also proved that they can still have that sound they used to have in their first two albums. My personal favorites are "The Real You" and "Fallen Angel".
  • 5. White Lotus (Eyes Set To Kill): Beautiful album with a few heavy songs and amazing acoustic tracks, it also has a cover of Nirvana's "Polly". My personal favorites are "Untitled" and "Where I Want To Be"
  • 4. The Resistance (Muse): This album was great, the electronic sound of "Undisclosed Desires", the romantic sound of "I Belong To You", the fucking Exogenesis Symphony. This album had a lot of good things. My personal favorites are "Redemption" and "Unnatural Selection".
  • 3. Life Starts Now (Three Days Grace): The best album Three Days Grace has made in my opinion. It's sound takes the classical 3DG with it's dark lyrics and mixes it with a happy theme, also making it heavier. It also has more songs based on love... Well, failed love. My personal favorites are "Last To Know" "Someone Who Cares" and "No More".
  • 2. Lateralus (Tool): I just... love this album, it's amazing. Each song takes me in a journey through all my fears, emotions and feelings. This is probably Tool's best album to date. My personal favorites are "Schism" and "The Patient".
  • 1. Masks (Eyes Set To Kill): I know what you're going to say, "This album isn't even good". Well, it is for me, and to be honest, I'm not a fan of screamo vocals, but I managed to like the few songs with screamo vocals on this album. The thing that I love about this album is how you can feel Alexia's voice when you're listening to its songs, how you can hear and feel she's singing her heart out. Also, the Rodriguez sisters are hot as fuck (?). My personal favorites are "Haze" (If I made a top about the best songs ever, I'd put this on number one), "Little Liar" and "Infected".

Well thanks for reading another one of my tops. In a few days if I still have time I'll work on some more tops, like "Top 10 Best Female Vocalists" and "Top 10 Youtubers". Again, thanks for reading.

List by Mephistopheles of Los Angeles