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Since at the moment I am doing a Top 10 Metallica Songs (1983-1988, 1991-2008, all together), I might as well do a list on the Top 5 Metallica videos. It may not be accurate because I find the no. 1 the most great, so I wanted to write a top list about it featuring it.

So here is the list and reasons why. Also, it may show some NSFW material (since a video show that stuff). Be aware of it.

5. The Unnamed Feeling - Along with the music made to make someone feel like they're anxious, this video is about anxiety, loneliness, sadness, and other mental issues a person may have.

4. Turn the Page (NSFW) - It represents the life of doing anything to support her child. This meaning by stripping in a strip club. It's pretty much a sad story by this person.

3. Enter Sandman - The darkness of dreams await you. With it's flashing lights and eerie mood, it captures the thought of having a nightmare. Plus it was Metallica's second video.

2. One - It's their first music video. They capture the darkness of war so wonderfully.

1. Until It Sleeps - The video has a powerful message to me. Since I know that the meaning of the song is about James' mother dying of cancer when he was 16, it's too powerful. To me, it's the darkness of what James had to go through during the time that his mom died. It's so generally creepy.

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