Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except Simba blaring Monstercat through his computer monitor.

Throughout the house a dolphin was shape shifting into a grape. Then the grape shape shifted into a Monstercat, and then it transformed back into the letter A.

While inside the house a strange man named Fred Durst woke up. He saw this and he said "YEAH, DO IT FOR THE NOOKIE!" Then Uwe Boll punched him in the face for doing that, basically killing the wild Fred Durst.

Because Uwe Boll didn't want to make another shitty film adaption of a popular video game, he decided to record this transformation of a Dolphin to the letter A. Because of this, Uwe Boll started getting his new recognition. He already had recognition of being a shitty director and tarnishing good games, but his new recognition was being a magic film director.

From then on, people wanted to be Uwe Boll. People wanted to have a bowl of cereal with him. All the famous people, like Simba, GodzillaFan1, and the other people want to be him. Babies wet themselves when they were in his presence.

Then when he died, at the ripe age of 69, Uwe Boll woke up.

There was no dolphin shape shifting into the letter A.

Uwe's reputation is still the same.

And Fred Durst, the asshole of rock and metal, is still alive.

Written by Fatal Disease