Subject: Arts Program


I was given your info to contact over the case of the cancelled arts program. My patient, Ponzel Cakes, has made huge strides in his therapy due to hoof painting. Since the cancelation of the arts program, his schizophrenic thoughts of “a higher calling” have returned and extremely accelerated. Just let the damned pony hoof paint.

The few bits you’re saving on art supplies pale in comparison to the amount cost of Trizopaline. He likes doing the pictures, and just a couple weeks ago, he painted a butterfly for me. That was peak of his success. He enjoys the program, almost more than the other patients, and they love it. Celestia's sake, what was the point of cancelling it?

I can’t imagine the logic in play here, unless Durectron is trying to make the patients fantasize about nonexistent things more.

Please advise.

Dr. Callie Rose

Written by Senjumaru Shutara