NOTE: The following is considered a spoiler to the Vengeance: Hive Mind Series. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Condition: Let Jacket catch Pinkie.

After being launched by Springfall, Pinkie fell on her back on the floor below.

In pain, she opens her eyes to see Jacket himself staring at her just a few meters away, wielding a sledgehammer on his shoulder...

Pinkie tried to hopelessly crawl away, as Jacket slowly flied to her. Pinkie felt a heavy weight hitting her right hind leg, making she scream and roll to her side, putting her right hoof on the broken leg, but, the same weight hit and broke her right ribs, making she scream once again and tear up...

Pinkie looked up to her left and saw Jacket holding his sledgehammer on the air with one hoof once again, she sticked her hoof to him, pleading for mercy, but, last thing she saw was the 20 pounds sledgehammer hitting and crushing her skull into pieces.

Written by Senjumaru Shutara and Synthwave