The intercom came on once more.

"Mares and gentlecolts, boy, I do have a suprise for you! Welcome to the Hive Mind!" Calan's voice boomed over the intercom. "But before I call over all my little torn friends, maybe I should explain who I actually am. I was called a ghost - somepony who worked for the company and knocked anybody looking in off track. Anybody who tried to go out; me and Jacket nailed 'em. Ya know, like your grandfather, lil' Miss Pinkie Pie."

Pinkie gritted her teeth. "You bastard..."

"Ah-ah-ah." Calan tsked. "See, Mike and I came back to finish a job. Now Mike's dead and gone, so it's my job. We were supposed to kill you. I mean, for Celestia's fuckin' sakes. Did you honestly believe we were just guides? Dumb gullible whore. Oh, and looks like we're out of time, folks! Miss Pinkie, and Miss Callie, somepony wants to say hello!"

A loud cackling came from the hallway.


The mare's mouths opened in fear. Pinkie knew that voice anywhere.

"I'll just allow Miss Rainbow to step up to the plate. If you two mares wanna survive, I recommend you start running." A loud click sounded over the intercom.

Suddenly, the rotting corpse that constituted Rainbow Dash's new home sped down the hallway at them, barely missing a swing as the two mares sprinted past her.

"I guess I was wrong. Cannibalism IS my thing, Pinkie! And you're my next meal! Ha hahahahahahahaha!" Rainbow's voice sounded down the hallway.

The two ponies busted into a bathroom. On the wall, there was a bloody message.

"Children of Kalpony; into the vents with thee." Callie read. "Oh dear... what is it we're going to see now?"

A bang on the bathroom door brought the two out of their thoughts. The filly's face flashed into Pinkie's head.... but it was torn. Bloody bite marks littered her bloody fur. The life that had been taken away; her number never came up. Had anyone's? Did anyone's number truly come up?

Andother bang and Pinkie once again entered reality.

"Into the vent! Hurry!"

Callie flew up into it, and helped Pinkie into it. 

"If I have to, I'll hunt you all across this place, Pinkie Pie! Hahaha!"

Rainbow Dash had busted into the bathroom, looking for them. But they were long gone.

The two mares fell out of the vent.

"Well, right on time." Calan stood from the chair. "You know, I was getting a little worried about ya. What with ya followin' around that Father Cakes guy."

Before the two mares could react, Calan had already downed them. He pulled out the two binding wheelchairs, binding the two mares to them, and then binding them together with a chain. The jury-rigged double chair was movable - by him. With them attached, he gagged them.

"Oh, what's that? You want out? Okay."

He rolled the chair down the hall, right in front of the exit.

"There it is. Go. No? You don't wanna? Okay, fine. your loss." Calan pulled out his machete. "You know. They didn't pay us enough, so we collect the hooves of our victims. I'll start with you, Miss Pinkie."

He brought the machete down into her left hoof. A dozen spasms of pain went up her leg, as he picked up the severed hoof and put it into a bucket.

Suddenly, an alarm.

"Celestia dammit all. What is it now?"

He opened the door, looking out into the hallway, peeking.

"Piiiinnnnkiiiiiieee! Caaaalllliiiieee!"

Rainbow's voice came from the crack. The two mares shivered in fear.

"Well, well. Looks like I've got to cut our business short, ladies." Calan stroked Pinkie's chin. "And I was looking forward to it."

Eyes tearing up, both mares struggled against their bindings as Calan snuck himself away. Pinkie freed her hoofless leg, and then bit on the other strap. Callie, following suit, broke free after her. Suddenly, a bang on the door.

The two worn mares crawled under the beds. Rainbow called Pinkie's name.

"Piiinkie. Don't you wanna help me bake some cupcakes?"

Rainbow sniffed, and looked around the room. She left not long after. Pinkie's heart rate felt like it was going to explode.

The two snuck out of the room, heading for the exit.

Springfall was there, and holding something.

"Lemme go, ya lil' bastard."

"Pig! No run for little piggy!"

The sound of skin ripping erupted as the two mares hid. Suddenly, Pinkie nearly yelped, prompting a shushing motion from Callie as the severed head of Calan rolled beside them.

"Good riddance." Callie muttered.

The two snuck back inside, and hit a nearby elevator guarded by two tornponies. The two saw them, but said nothing. Only motioning for them to go into the elevator.

The two walked over.

"Go forth. Father Cakes wishes you see this."

They went up the elevator. A number of cultists were gathered to the site of Father Cakes, strung up on a cross in a pile of wood.

"Ah, my friends. My apostles. You have arrived. Excellent." He began weakly. "The time has come, and I have deemed it is the will of Kalpony that you both escape... And you spread the word of his name and the gospel of his words. Art father who resideth in Heaven, he shalt return me to the dust from whence I came..."

The pile of wood was lit on fire. The two mares stood shocked at the sight of a burning, screaming, crucified pony.

The fire went out moments later, and the charred body of the stallion remained.

A mare came up to the two.

"We have prepared your vessel to leave. But, we are left with one problem. Springfall is easy to avoid, but you must rid us of the demon."

"The demon?" Pinkie asked.

"The demon you brought with you, who seized the body of our fallen breathren."

The two mares looked at each other and blinked. Pinkie smiled, and Callie smiled the same.

It was time to kill Rainbow Dash... Again.

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