“Hey… Wake up… please?”

Pinkie’s eyes opened. She was in a cell that contained a desk, a mattress, and an air vent. A coin flattener was on the desk, the air vent made with screws. A voice was coming over the intercom – a sweet sounding British accent belonging to a mare. She recognized it almost immediately.

“CALLIE! Where… Where am I?”

“You’re in a cell. You were hallucinating for a bit and then knocked out. You walked right into a hive of them. You started hallucinating right after one of them sprayed you with this… stuff from its throat. Look, if you can escape that cell, the offer for that hug is still on the table. But you’re going to have to be careful this time! All the Tornponies have been stirred up. You could end up in trouble if you aren’t careful.”

“Okay.” Pinkie began to wander the cell, looking for a way out. The vent was screwed tightly to the wall; no way she was getting through there without some way of unscrewing it.

“They’re not the only danger though. My brother and his friend are wandering the facility, looking for you. And they’re not just pissed – they’re downright insane at the moment. I’ve tried to contact him; tell him you’re just like us… but he’s not listening. OH, and I know who you are by the way. A psycho pony, just like the rest of us! But… that’s not what we need to talk about. Calan and Jacket are extremely strong, and they will kill you faster than you can react. You have to avoid them, at least until you can get to me. And even they aren’t as danger as a certain Tornpony that’s wandering about.”

“Oh… what did I get myself into?” Pinkie sighed as she continued to listen to the mare, pulling open the filing cabinet and finding a glowstick, something she could use for light temporarily.

“Heh, you’re telling me. The Tornpony’s name is Springfall, and he’s massive. Put Calan and Jacket together? He’s still just bigger than that. He’s big, and he’s fast. Ex-Equestrian Soldier. Got him out of a prison for killing 30 ponies with his bare hooves. And he won’t hesitate to attack you on site. Anyhow, good luck. I have to go. Bye.”

“Heh. Hey Pinkie. Maybe next time you should LISTEN to your auditory friends. Especially when they try to keep you from walking into a hive of zombified ponies. Lest we wouldn’t be dealing with them in mass now.”

Just as Pinkie was hoping she was gone, Rainbow Dash’s voice played inside her head.

“Great. You’re still here.” She found a coin. Improvising, she attempted to unscrew the vent, but the coin was too thick. She took it to the flattener, and began rotating it until she heard a click. Trying again, she popped the vent grate off and started to crawl through. She came out on the other side, landing in a room that was double floored; and she was on the top.

She turned on the glowstick. The light illuminated the railing of the floor she was on, and she found her way blocked by a shelf. It was too heavy to move; she looked around, hoping to find a door of some type.

She found one, and went in.

She almost found herself throwing up at the site of what she saw. Rotting, mutilated corpses were strung up all over the place. Some dripping strange, green liquids. The stench was much worse than the usual dead body, and now, she just wanted out of that room.

She went to the other side, finding another door on the other side of the shelf. She continued to make her way around, when suddenly, she was grabbed in her run by the biggest pony she’d ever seen in her life. He was a Tornpony, who was mutilated beyond recognition. Two stumps existed where wings used to be, and his eyes were crunched together. He looked at Pinkie, and breathed in her face. Was this Springfall?

“You’re going nowhere, little whore.”

He pulled her back and launched her off the floor, down to the ground floor. She hit the ground, unable to move.

"Ow... That hurt."

She closed her eyes for a moment, as a pony appeared to approach her. He was a yellow unicorn, wearing a priest collar.

“Oh… I have been blessed by our heavenly father Kalpony… with an apostle! I am Father Cakes, prophet of the true god of Equestria! Rest my daughter. I will keep you safe. There is much you must do here…”

Pinkie fell unconscious on his final words…

This is part of the Vengeance: Hive Mind Series

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