Pinkie woke up once again, in what appeared to be a hallway. She stood, coming face to face with a figure she’d already deemed insane.

“You must go. Forgive me, apostle! Kalpony has given me a prophecy! But first… You have to escape to the chapel! Be careful for those secularist fools, as well!” the yellow stallion rambled, with his hoof on Pinkie’s shoulder. “Go! Go now!”

She took off running, wanting to get as far away from him as she could.

She was on an upper floor. She was about to turn the corner, when she noticed Jacket and Calan making their way up the hallway.

She opened a nearby door, jumping in. There were lockers in the back; unlocked. She quickly opened it, went in, and slammed the door behind her.

“Heh. Look at you. Big bad Pinkie Pie, hiding in lockers. I should post that to Ponyhoof.”

“Shut up.” Pinkie whispered under her breath as the door flew open. She closed her eyes.

BANG. Something hit the locker, scaring her. She minimized her voice right on time, though, and looked through the cracks in the locker door.

“I shall never tell you where the apostle is, you secularist fools!”

“Oooh, so she’s an apostle now.” Calan replied, holding the machete to Father Cakes’s throat against the locker. “Pretty damned quick promotion, don’t you think.”

Father Cakes spat in the stallion’s face. Calan’s facial expression quickly went downwards toward a frown.

“You know something. If you assholes weren’t the ones keeping those Tornponies in check, I’d can your ass right here, right now. But, I’ll let that rest…” he pulled his signature gold coin from his pocket. “On a coin flip. Heads? Or tails?”

“Heads!” Jacket yelled from the door.

“Alright then.” Calan flipped the coin. It flew and landed on his hoof.



They threw the stallion out of the room, and left. He ran off, and Pinkie left the locker.

“Now, that was a close call.”

She went to the hallway, facing a window.

“There she is! Surround her, don’t let her get away!”

The two pegasi ponies flew at her from either side with their weapons out, and she had only hope…

She jumped out the window, grabbing the ledge and crawling between it and the next one in line.

“Where’d she go?”

“She went out the window! Let’s pull her in!”

Pinkie made a rush for the next window. But then, her hoof slipped from under her, and she fell.

She grabbed the ledge of the floor below, and went through a window as the two pegasi were about to fly out. She quickly hid under a table between the windows.

A little bit longer passed.

“Shit. She got away.”

The two pegasi flew back to the original floor. She slid out from under the table.

She looked on top of the table, and found a note. It was a document, detailing an inmate to an asylum… a memo from one doctor to another.

(Vengeance:Hive Mind/Documents/Father Cakes, Hoof Painter)

“So… Callie works at an asylum and that Father Cakes guy was one of her patients? Holy shit.”


She began to think, but not for too long, as her thoughts were interrupted by a Tornpony banging on the door...

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