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Opening Statement/Song Background

Rarely does a song come around that can forever define a band. To some, the Australian-British band Pendulum's 2010 hit "Watercolour" is one of those songs that falls under this category. When it was released on iTunes on 1 May 2010, (2 May for the digital release and 3 May for its worldwide 12"/CD/vinyl release) it became the band's highest charting single in the United Kingdom, peaking at #4 on the UK Singles Chart. It also became a top 40 hit in Australia and New Zealand, peaking at #37 in both countries and even charted at #62 in Canada. There is one more thing that I should mention before I begin. If you wish to listen to this song, you may do so here.

Lyrical Content/Breakdown

The song's lyrics deal with the narrator dealing with depression and how it is leading to his downfall (Suicide/death/destruction).

When I've fallen down

Will you pick me up again

When I'm too far gone

Dead in the eyes of my friends?

"When I've fallen down" means that the narrator has become depressed with the remainder of the verse basically means that he has a need to have someone there, wanting someone who will pick him up, or save or rescue him from this (metaphorically) dark place or depression before it's too late.

Will you take me out of here?

When I'm staring down the barrel

When I'm blinded by the lights

When I can not see your face

Take me out of here (x4)

The "barrel" in question is most likely representing the barrel of a gun, which symbolizes suicide/death/destruction. It also means that the narrator is about to commit suicide, is considering it, or is in a mental state where all he can see is evil and is destroying him at the seams. "Take me out of here" is his repeated cry for him to be saved from whatever is destroying him.

All I believe and all I've known

Are being taken from me, can't get home.

Yeah, do your worst, when worlds collide,

Let the fear collapse, bring no surprise

Take me out of here

In this verse, the narrator is saying how nothing means anything to him anymore; everything he has believed is now fake and everything he has known is now wrong. The "world" that he is referring to could be his dark mental state and the line "Let the fear collapse" means that he wants it all to end and for him to not me in his current position anymore and the last line "Take me out of here" again emphasizes how desperate he is at getting out of it.

During the bridge, we are treated to the following verse:

Just stay where you are.

Let your fear subside

Just stay where you are

If there's nothing to hide

We see that the narrator has changed his point of view and feels that he can overcome the problems that he is facing and for once, he feels strong and able. And the final line "If there's nothing to hide" means that the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you perceive things right now, none of it's real. It's some sort of illusion you've created in your mind, and depression does this kind of thing to people.

Personal Thoughts

After an emotional roller coaster of a drum and bass/electronic rock track, I found that there is a dark meaning behind the song that can make the song relatable in a sense. It relates to me whenever I'm dealing with depression an usually helps reassure me that there is no point in suicide and there is a purpose for me in life. This is one of the standout tracks on Immersion and is a must-listen for any Pendulum fan, human or not (Like myself).





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