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As chat was in session, we all got together, and had a MASSIVE sex party.

BrokenSquid and Fatal were talking to 300 hookers, and Fatal squished grapes.  

Simba, let out a MASSIVE orgasmic sound, as his "cubs" (his girls) drank it all up. Many people were having fun times. However, I noticed Chris looking sad....maybe he wanted in! 

Now though..I was alone, Anime,Mute and BRVR and even my homelionass Simba, invited me over, we had so much sex, I came 30 times in only 10 minutes!

In the end, Fatal looked at the love making. Anime sucked EVERYTHING. Therefore, people had fun and enjoyed it.

Everything SOMEGUY123ass touched, turned to absolute shit. Fatal laughed and was like "Fwhohohohohohoho"

Irish just came, out of NOWHERE with his ninja skills, twerking his ass off, as he cummed into 3 girls mouths, they wanted more, saying AHH IRISH, MORE, MORE. 

The Koromo on the other hand, licked ass and slapped ass, whose ass? The answer: Everyone's.

Ecu was chilling in de corner, licking cake. The End :D

WAIT NO, Nick (WhyamIReadingThis) burst from the ground, as a big ass giant 30 foot giant, he was already naked, as all the girls bowed down to his amazing banana, and tried to climb it. Consequently, the 200 hookers all died.

Now, The End :D

Written by Luigifan100