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As I start my day like usual, eating 400 ice cubes and eating grapes, purple not green, I start to realize something: No more wonderful chat time!

I start writing the story, not wanting to upset my sexy fans, but I have no idea what to write, Fatal getting squished? No. Girls making love to each other? Maybe. Cake? YES.

One day Fatal Disease was making a cake, a yummy cake as it appeared on the surface, but when I took a bite of it, I spat it out, it tasted and looked like green SHIT! Furious at the grape's cake, I squished the cake onto his face, while laughing my demonic laugh. Sanic then came up to me and wondered what was wrong, as he stated it sounded like his demon spawn was being killed. I just looked at him, and then smashed the shit cake in his hideous face.

Afterwards, being a bit upset over that cake, I head over to GrizzlyBear's house for some actual food. As I am walking I spot something cowering in fear in a pile of's Simba! As I pick up the lion and carry him to the house, we all eat food. However, Simba loved the food so much, he shat all over Grizzly's carpet, kitchen and plate.

After having yet another catastrophic incident occur, I decide to use iCihter's toilet and destroy it with my massive shits from today's food, as I say, geez Fatal, that cake looked like utter crap. As I start laughing about it, I then realized I may have hurt the little mustachioed grape's feelings. I walk over to his house, naked, and apologize. He accepts, and he gives me a crappy brown towel to cover myself. Afterwards, I say good bye to Fatal, taking his towel, and go to bed.

Epilogue: During the middle of the night, I have to take a dump. And as I do, the world explodes with my shit, as I say... "Well, at least I am not full of shit anymore!"

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this trilogy!

Written by Luigifan100